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Rapaport Diamond Report

Rapaport Diamond Report (RDR) for polished diamonds is named after the Jewish American diamond dealer Martin Rapaport, or by his nickname: “Mr. Bow-Tie”, because he only wears bow-ties.   Rapaport Diamond Report In 1978 the RDR was first published. This is the most popular and well known report in the world diamond industry. The report […]

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The Polish of the diamond

When the polish of the diamond is not good it affects the brilliancy, the fire and especially the luster of the stone. There are 3 defects that can affect the polish of the diamond:   Polish Lines – These are very thin, crowded and transparent parallel lines that go in the polish direction of the […]

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The finish of the diamond

Girdle Surface   Faceted Girdle – Uniformly divided into small and distinct segments. That’s the only girdle surface that the GIA grades. Polished Girdle – Appears smooth. Rough Girdle –    Appears uniformly white mat. This is a natural girdle. * * The GIA certificate indicates only faceted girdle.     Symmetry The symmetry in the […]

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