Testimonies of students about the Gemology course

Alisa Botebol

Bonjour, je m'appelle Alisa."
Je viens de terminer la formation de juin avec Hadas. Cela a été une formidable expérience, autant techniquement, que humainement.
Hadass est une extraordinaire professeur passionnée par son métier. Elle m'a tout enseigné en anglais alors, qu'elle enseignait simultanément aux autres élèves en hébreu.
J'ai adoré venir chaque matin apprendre la partie théorique et pratique de l'étude du diamant dans une atmosphère très agréable.
Je vous recommande vivement ce cours."

Alisa Botebol

Hello, my name is Alisa."
I took the group course with Hadas .
She taught me in English, it was great.
It was an amazing experience in an amazing atmosphere.
Hadas is a really good teacher: professional, passionate by her job she loves to give to her students, she is available for them, always smiling and super patient.
The studies were amazing; I loved to come every morning to learn the theoretical aspect and the practical aspect of diamonds. I could have not asked for more.
I highly recommend this course."

Ainara Larranaga

"This is the best course I could have ever taken. Hadas is professional, open, dedicated, fun and amazing! The class is not just about sitting around and getting board, listening to lectures or reading the book. It\'s all the contrary, it\'s about enjoying the lectures (because it\'s so interesting), enjoying practices and appreciate every single stone that you look through. It makes you concentrate and I could even add, relax. It makes you to want learn more and more. I enjoyed every single class and every moment. I could have not asked for more. And if you ever are interested in stones or want to discover a new world, I really highly recommend this course, because it prepares you for all what you need to know to be a gemologist."

Anna Kotlyar

"It was an amazing experience! The studies were informative, exciting and leading forward to a great combination of theoretical and practical study material. Thank you for all!"

Laurie Tartour Choukroun

"The best course ever! I have no regret to have done the course with Hadas. She is amazing and I have learnt so much and loved it so much. I totally recommend to do this course if you ever doubt of doing it. Thumbs Up!!!"

Marsha Ignatovich

"It was my dream to study gemology in Israel. I know that Israel is the best in diamonds. So, my dream came true. I studied gemology in the Center of Gemological Studies C.G.S with Hadas Dori Bar Moshe. It was individual course in English, and I would like to say, that it was wonderful education! Very professional course, good gemological equipment. I had a lot of practice hours, during it I saw many diamonds in microscope and in loupe. I received full knowledge about diamonds grading. Education process was very comfortable and friendly. Hadas is a very professional teacher, always ready to help, answer any question. I met not only a very professional specialist, but my friend now! I studied with a great pleasure. I highly recommend C.G.S for studying gemology."

Katherine Gorman

"The C.G.S. course founded by Eli Dori in 1979 and taught by his niece Hadas Dori-bar Moshe is one of the best courses I have come across. The classes vary in size but what is constant is the professional, caring and fun atmosphere in which one is engaged.
From the first moment one walks into the class to the day one leaves proudly holding a Diamond Grader Certificate is an absolute pleasure.
Every aspect of the course is explained clearly and thoroughly and each lesson devotes time to a lecture and practical application so that in a few short lessons you have the confidence to Diamond Grade and fill out a certificate with accuracy.
If you are serious about a position in this industry or simply want to refresh ones skills, then there is no better place to be than with the C.G.S family.
I will forever be an ambassador for them."

Maxwell Oguntuyi

"I am using this medium to say a big thank you to Hadas and Eli Dori. Its been an awesome time studying Gemology and the beautiful art of Diamond Grading in your highly esteemed citadel of Learning (C.G.S).
It\'s a period well spent, you guys are the best at teaching everything about Gemology and most especially Diamond Grading.
I also want to thank my classmates Katherine Gorman and Amit Lipszyc, you guys rock.
No teacher/student barrier, rather we had a synergy of a micro-community, to learn, speak and be listened to and share our experiences, which made us to excel in our training as Diamond Graders.
Lectures are delivered in both English and Hebrew languages simultaneously, a Unique selling point for C.G.S.
I highly recommend C.G.S, and I grade them Excellent because they represent the optimal 4C\'s of a Diamond."

Gadi Panka

"Beyond the smile and the great personality, Hadas is a professional gemologist. She allows you to understand the material in the best way. Personally,I don’t know many teachers that could teach me, as Hadas did. This is an elaborate course that is guided with a smile and taught in a wonderful atmosphere. I enjoyed every minute of it"

Einav Elkayam

"I also started my career in the diamond center as your student. I can say that you are the best teacher in the world. The saying: A good teacher is a teacher for life – is exactly about you. Beyond a vast professional knowledge and teaching skills that no other teacher I know has, the lessons with you are always pure fun, and every student finds his way to your heart. I highly recommend that you take this course."

Tal Fruchter

"The best teacher I know! No one teaches like you! Endless patience, high level of professionalism, I highly recommend!"

Maayan Yair

"A very interesting course, which is taught in a clear and understandable way. With Hadas you will always understand the material. She has a very warm and intimate attitude, which suits every student in a perfect way. No doubt, if you want to succeed in your first steps in diamonds, or you want to enrich your knowledge, this is the perfect course for you!"

Hila Bar Lev Burstein

"Hadas is an amazing teacher. Whoever knows me, will say that I cannot sit down and study. With you, I successfully graduated the course with a lot of joy and fun. It's all thanks to you and your laugh, and your endless patience, which makes the course so wonderful!"

Anat Nagar Bachar

"Hadas is the best! She teaches the course in a fun, enjoyable and interesting way, with lots of humor and an ocean of patience. It was my privilege to study with her, and get to know such an extraordinary personality. I highly recommend the course!"

Ariel Krieser

"Hadas is an amazing person and a pure soul, as well as an excellent and a fascinating teacher. I enjoyed every minute with her! I recommend that everyone should take her course!!!"

Avihay Ziv Cohen

"Hadas helped me to enter the family business. During the course I received theoretical as well as practical knowledge, that gave me the tools and the confidence that everyone that deals with diamonds needs in this business. I highly recommend her course."

Etty Musayuf

"Thank you so much, Hadas, you are an amazing woman!!! It was so much fun to study with you, no doubt you are very professional and skilled in your area. Hadas is a very intelligent and interesting teacher. I enjoyed every minute with her."

Yuval Tene

"Hadas is the best!!! No. 1 in diamonds!!! Professional, funny and interesting. I warmly recommend!!!"

Sophie Palombo

It was a pleasure studying with Hadas, I will never forget you"

Haim Yisraelov

"Number 1 teacher. An amazing teacher, with a great personality. Beyond Gemology I learned so much from you. It was fun studying with you, you teach with so much knowledge and patience. I recommend everyone to study only with you."

נטלי זורנו

"עשיתי את הקורס אצל הדס, ממליצה לכולם!!!"

May Siri

"The best teacher ever"

Yoni Salton

"I studied with Hadas 20 years ago, for me she is the number 1 teacher!!!!"

Nurit Pinto Choshen

"Hadas is the most professional, interesting, and full of life teacher that I have ever met. She invests everything in her students and is fully committed to them."

Amir Shkury

"I had the privilege to meet an amazing women and a highly professional teacher!!! Thank you so much for everything."

Orelie Assouline

Thank you for your support and all you have done to make this study magical ! Every lesson was full of fun and you were always motivating me to never give up, as much as I always did in the past ! What a power you have got to make this happend ! You are so special and I loved every moment spent in your class ! Never ever met such a person ! Love !
you for your kind compliment I return them all to you.

steven sunderland

"Such a great gemology course. We had fun lessons. Hadas, you are an amazing teacher and a wonderful person."

Rafael Frenkel

Without a doubt it is one of the best courses available in the market for someone who is interested to learn more and become a diamond grader.
So much personal attention is given to each student! You really feel that you are not just a number but you are treated as an individual.
Everything is done to help you achieve your goal!
I recommend it a thousand times!"

James Pasicov

"I would definitely recommend this course to anyone working with diamonds, whether they are total novices like me, or people who already work in the industry and want to polish their skills and knowledge. The course is well structured and comprehensive. And, although the course is fast-paced, it is fun and easy to understand. The teachers are very supportive and they adapt to individual student's needs. All the students in my class had a great time!".